It’s a new thing


Hi everyone welcome to my blog! I’m Suzanne Faris living in St. Thomas, Ontario with my husband Paul and our four little girls.  I love all things handmade and am always knee deep in some project or other…more likely several at the same time :). Life is full for our family with homeschooling our girls and juggling a busy job but I always look for ways to fit in making things I love.


My background is in the arts where I initially studied fine art and graphic design. After the arrival of kids I transitioned my small graphic design business in to something more hands on. Since I was little I loved making things out of all sorts of materials, fabric, wood, clay and anything I could manipulate. I’m sure you will find an assortment of all kinds of projects here, and most of all I like using found objects, old or repurposed/upcycled. I’m a hopeless cheep most of the time so I love to find new ways to use old things or free things and making them beautiful again. For me it’s a small way I can participate in the redemption of this world. I’m excited to be posting about various projects I’ve got going on at home and from time to time I’ll be selling them in my Etsy Shop

A little silly is always in order at picture time 🙂

I’d be happy to hear your feedback through the comments below the posts. Hopefully you will find some creative inspiration and encouragement to try your hand at a few ideas too. Happy crafting!!

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