Fall from the ditch


Fall arrived punctually on October 1st here in St. Thomas. Suddenly I was scrounging for winter coats and finding a hat for baby Ivy on our way out the door that day. As usual, with the arrival of a new season I start looking around for ways to add some new touches to our home.  I didn’t really feel like spending much money this year, I had been wanting to try an ornamental cabbage so after picking one up at Canadale for $6.99 I decided to fill in the rest with scavenged plants.

There are some great weeds in this part of the country. After growing up in Alberta where the only free plants to really choose from was grass, grass and more grass, I was head over heals with all the interesting shapes and textures growing wild here in Ontario. I have learned a few things though, the first scavenged wreath I made for our last home I included some beautiful milkweed pods. Paul tried to warn me but I was in love with them. They looked great until the day when they opened to release thousands of seeds all over my door. I’m still thinking I’d like to solve that by trying to dip the pods in laquer to seal them up but that will have to be for another day.


The girls and I roamed the roads looking for a nice selection of tassle grass (our name for it…) cattails, goldenrod, a thistle looking plant, and the dark red spired plant which I discovered is called curly dock. Put together it all looked amazing! The green spikey grass was left over from my summer arrangement so I decided to leave it in. I’m excited to see how the ornamental cabbage develops… all together, what could be better than taking drab ordinary weeds and turning them into a thing of beauty? I never get tired of that.

Happy weed collecting!

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