Pumpkin Flower


It’s Halloween week, the perfect time to carve a pumpkin and not have it rot into a slump by Saturday night. After picking out a huge one at Ferguson’s (thank you daughters Bella and Eva 🙂 ), we sat down to put together our carving plan. This year we tried a new technique I had discovered about a year ago when I had some giant radish from our organic co-op that I had no idea what to do with. Come to find out, vegetable carving is a real thing in Asia and the results are astoundingly beautiful and intricate. Thanks to pinterest we found some examples of it on pumpkins as well, watched some youtube videos and got down to work.

(Here’s the video we watched: https://youtu.be/tt4_0sSBVow )

20151025_154417 20151025_155313 20151025_16040720151025_165235

Our lid we cut in a lovely scallop and I worked on the petals while the girls chose their cookies cutters to put around the sides. It turned out to be a lovely combo of style and kid fun all at once.

20151026_161428_edited 20151026_201132

I hope you have a chance to try this out, comment below about how it worked for you.  I think it could be really lovely on smaller pumpkins too. Happy carving!

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