lessons in manufacturing – part 2


Many thanks to all my blog readers for visiting and sharing these posts, I’m excited to say that WordPress has officially made my blog public as a result of recent traffic so it can be found by search engines! Awesome news! The Union Jack post alone had 272 views, an all time high. So exciting. 🙂 This has definitely been a “knee deep and loving it” kind of time for me, living the dream of making my items for small shops.

Continuing where I left off in my last post, our “lessons in manufacturing” progressed on to dying and sewing. Hundreds of little strips of fabric were detangled from the dryer  (thanks to Bella my 6 year old) and we began to dye and hang each one. We did them twice to really saturate the colour and get the shade we needed.

I couldn’t have been more proud of my girls and the way they jumped in to help with various sorting and stacking jobs.  It really was a fun time for us all. When the pangs of guilt hit that we were eating kraft dinner again or that I hadn’t done any reading or outings with them that day I reminded myself that seeing their mom work in her passion and being a part of it was more important than me doing all the “right” things us moms are supposed to do. I want to see each of my girls work in their passions some day and what better way than to model it right now. As crazy as it gets sometimes!

We ended the week with the zippered pouch project (and working one night in to the early morning hours) and made it just in time for our shipping day. Phew!! After I got home from dropping the boxes off to the post office I walked in to my sewing room and felt the surprising feelings of an empty nest. All my babies were gone and out making their own way in the world. I was proud and sniffling all at the same time.  Bawhawhaw…..you know that sort of laughing cry right?

Everything turned out so beautifully.




We had to celebrate the completion. A trip to the butterfly conservatory  (which we’ve been wanting to do for a while, my girls love butterflies) and of course ice cream! I couldn’t have done it without Paul and my girls, I’m a lucky woman. 🙂

And on to the next project…



4 thoughts on “lessons in manufacturing – part 2

  1. Congrats!! So many successes wrapped up in this post. And amazingly, you remembered to take pictures to document it all! Thanks for sharing the story!


  2. I am making a really belated reply here, sorry. What an experience for you! Congrats on the Australia connection, that is amazing. It’s fun to see you so passionate about your projects. 🙂


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