Railway City Arts Crawl


It wasn’t until we were leaving our second stop that I thought, “I’ve got to do a blog post about this!” I had been somewhat aware that the Railway City Arts Crawl was coming up and was mildly interested in seeing it in a “if everything worked out perfectly” sort of way. Then I got an email with someone mentioning it and I saw a couple more signs and I checked out the website and then I really wanted to go. There were so many locations and artists I was surprised! For a small town like St. Thomas, not too shabby.  We only visited five of the fifteen locations but the kids had fun and there was some great pieces.

First stop, Railway City Brewing (art and beer, now that’s a winning combination…at least Paul thought so. *wink*) I really liked the work of Elizabeth Kusinski, but I was kicking myself later for not snapping  photo of her female portrait and a grassland scene, but hey, I didn’t know I would be blogging about it at that point.

Next stop was a printing shop with lots of fun paper installations. The girls really liked this one as you can see. Then on to the Caso station with a fun paint dripping project to participate in. Egads, watch the clothes!! (Yes I am a paranoid mother sometimes…)

My favourite artwork of all was at the Illumine Gallery. It’s been open less than a year and I even surprised myself at how much I liked the modern abstract pieces. (I’ve been pretty traditionalist when it comes to paintings). It was a pleasure to meet Kiel of KIAM and get to hear about the process behind the making their amazing urban architectural pieces.


And also the work of a couple other artists which I didn’t record unfortunately.  (At this point Paul was feeding the girls snacks in the van to gain some extra minutes of happiness…you get the picture… ). We stopped by another couple places and my girls were troupers right to the end.

So perhaps this gives you a taste of the experience and may encourage you to try one out in your own city. There were people from all walks of life stopping in and out of the various locations and meeting the local talent. There was also a surprising number of projects for the kids to enjoy so it was a fun time for the whole family. I’ll definitely go back next year! Anyone else tried one of these?

3 thoughts on “Railway City Arts Crawl

  1. During my Kentucky days I went on what they call a “gallery hop”. It was definitely fun and interesting. I’ve not had any success doing one in Calgary, although I would definitely be up for it!


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