upcycled bookcase


It’s been several weeks since I made this but it was too fun I had to share it! This chest of drawers was no longer needed after we made our girls their closet organizer and I was needing a bookshelf for the kids books instead. Ka-ching! So after mulling the process around in my mind for some time, I decided to tackle it one weekend when Paul was out of town. (Sometimes I do my crazier projects in secret, plus this was originally his childhood dresser so if the project went south I could always hide the evidence…lol)

Basically I needed to cut about 6 inches off the back and adjust the four drawer spaces down to three shelves. First I unscrewed the top, cut it down and then cut the sides. I can’t describe the glee I felt lifting an entire dresser up on the table saw and then pushing it right through. Funnest thing ever!! Wish I had taken a pic… I always get a thrill working with power tools. The back rails I wanted to re-attach to keep the nice five piece door look on the sides. (and also because those were the back legs…lol) I used the biscuit joiner to attach it top and bottom and also took out and adjusted the drawer spaces. Looking back I think I could have actually taken most of the dresser completely apart piece by piece since it was an old one that used traditional carpentry methods (like dowels and tongue and groove) and not much glue. If I ever do it again I’ll definitely use an old dresser since the wood and construction is way better than the new ones that are glued particle board…yuck. I cut some scrap wood for the new shelves, reattached the back and gave it a fresh paint job.

Worked like a charm! It’s funny because I put it right back in the same spot where I had originally used the dresser, except now it’s a little smaller and holding books. What do you think? Since I had leftover paint and wood this project cost me nothing. Love that 😊


On a side note, I’m happy to say I survived teaching my first kids pottery class even though I really have no idea what I’m doing.  I’ve been stressing about it for weeks and working on every other project under the sun to avoid thinking about it. I’m still having nightmares of the kids projects turning out all cracked or mushy, the parents looking at me like “thanks, we could have done that ourselves, but our kid loves it and now we have to look at it FOREVER!” Wish me luck, next week we are actually starting in to the clay, I procrastinated and just showed pottery youtube videos this week. Egads!! I’ve made some sample projects with my own kids and they are waiting to be fired in the kiln. Figuring out pottery has been O-VER-whelm-ing. I’ll be posting about the kid’s projects soon…unless I get distracted by a different project…..hmm… 😉

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