etsy made in canada 2016


There’s still a small glow around here after the etsy show in London a couple weeks ago. Our spot downtown attracted almost 2,000 people and it was great to meet some amazing makers with equally amazing products. Many thanks to our etsy team leader Jill Bogart for all her work putting the show together. She promoted it online and around the city including a tv feature. Whahoo! Although I was busy toting in my stuff and setting up the table I got a chance to check out a few other sellers as well. Stray Sheep Co. had some super cozy wool goods. Hats, booties, you name it she had it. I’m thinking I need a new toque this winter… Next to my table was Love Lilah Baby with her adorable baby mobiles. In between sales she was making some super cute little felt elephants, it was amazing to watch her work. Definitely check out her site if you have need of a baby gift 😉

If you’re looking for some funky wall embroidered art and sayings then check out Thread and Floss. Her work is meticulous and she’s such a lovely person to boot.   56 Woodworks I first saw selling at Makeology in Hamilton so it was fun to see them out London way (they actually did two etsy made in canada locations on this day, wow!) If you’re a wood lover, they’ve got your stuff. Their wood finish is super smooth with amazing wood grain. Eye. Candy. The Good Kid Co. was there as well, I love their photography showcasing their clothing. Again, great for gift giving.

This is just a smattering of the many amazing sellers there, I was so excited to think that all these things were made right here in Ontario by these talented people.

20160924_10024820160924_100251This show was the first time selling my new waxed canvas bags. They had been a long time in the works figuring out the design and how to work with leather etc. It was so satisfying to see them completed and on display! The flag pillows were for sale as well, the number of products is slowly growing. Here’s some process pics for you.

The maple leaf bags were one of a kind and were the first to sell out. Note to self, make more maple leaf bags. 🙂

Being a texture lover myself I didn’t realize how much my products reflect that. I was interested to see how instinctively people reached out to touch and feel the pillows, bags and waxed canvas placemats. Most people hadn’t heard of waxed canvas so it was their first exposure to it and it generated a lot of curiosity.

The remaining waxed canvas bags are listed in my etsy shop, I’m hoping the stock will last through the christmas season otherwise I’ll be back to sewing! Now that there’s a nip in the air and my belly is full from Thanksgiving this weekend I’m thinking of Christmas and shopping and gifts. Maybe these shop links will help you out with your own shopping this Christmas.  Have a good week all. 🙂

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