bears, fawns and birds of prey


It started with the usual pinterest search for halloween costume ideas. Somewhere along the way Abi got the idea of being a hawk or eagle. Bella fell in love with the beautiful sweet fawns and Eva didn’t even need to look at Pinterest, she wanted to be a white bear using a piece of fur we had waiting in the workroom. After a trip to a couple stores to get materials (who knew Lens Mills has an AWESOME faux fur section?) I was ready to get down to work.

Bella’s paper mache antlers took a bit of fanagling, the pinterest post definitely made it look a lot easier than it actually was. Her collar, wrist and ankle cuffs were simple enough and her makeup was a whole lot of fun. Luckily, her Christmas dress this year happened to be the perfect shade of beige so I gave her a halloween pass to wear it early. Just lovely. A fawn really was perfect for her, she is such a beautiful, quiet and serene girl.


Eva’s fur was so ridiculously long and fun that sewing it was a blast. Eva was bursting with smiles the minute her costume and makeup were on. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such pure delight on her face. Priceless. Paul said the tail in the back bobbed up and down as she walked down the street. So adorable.


Abi really surprised me when her makeup was finished and wings were on and arranged. Although I had seen her angry eyes before (what mom hasn’t), the seriousness with which she took on the bird of prey persona had me a little lost for words as I snapped photos. Her beautiful green, blue and golden eyes had a real wildness about them. I asked her to smile and it was horrible, she looked like a laughing evil joker, so serious it had to be. I was amazed at the complexity I saw in her, that’s a girl growing up.


Love these girls, seeing them grown up and who they are inside coming out along the way. I included some photos you may not have seen yet over facebook and instagram if you’re looking for costume ideas.  There have been a couple requests for making these costumes for purchase when halloween comes around again. We’ll see!


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