The Red Show


It was another “first time” experience for me this year – exhibiting art in a gallery. The Red show, curated by Elizabeth Kusinsky (an amazingly talented painter), took place at the Windjammer Inn in Port Stanley. It opened late November in time for the Christmas season. Elizabeth was only positive encouragement and support and welcomed me to participate. I couldn’t be luckier to try it out in a place like this.

I felt interested in putting together some textile art since sewing has been such a big part of my life these days. Although I like to paint I’ve  found it really difficult as a Mom to juggle kids and wet paint all at the same time. Fabric doesn’t dry out or make a mess when you step away to change a diaper or make a snack. Win win! Painting will come around again but for now I’ll stick with dry art forms….haha

As you may have guessed, every piece on the show centered around the colour red.  Here’s the pieces.

“Gems” -pencil, gold oil pen. 16×16″

“True Red” -merino wool. 8×8″

“Featherscape” – merino wool, hand-dyed cotton, gold acrylic. 18×18″

It was a great experience, the opening night was bright and cheery, kicked off by the Port Stanley Santa Clause parade, lots of people, new friends and of course the Inn’s amazing drinks and appetizers. Paul and I stopped in later to take some pics.

“There it is!!”

What a great way to end off an already adventurous year. I’m excited to see what 2017 brings. Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for all your encouragement and support this past year and may you find joy and peace this holiday season.

Cheers!  – Suzanne 

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