Railway City Arts Crawl – year 2

It’s that time of year again, the Railway City Arts Crawl.  Although it was two weeks ago already, I think anytime is a good time to be inspired by art. And local at that!

It felt like there were quite a few more artists this year, or perhaps we just visited more locations than last year, I’m not sure. But along with some familiar friends there was also some new work that caught my eye. 

First stop was Railway City Brewery. Irvin Loewen was tucked in the corner but his work stuck out. Some pieces had a very unique application of an old and generally dated art form, wood burning. And his amazing skies and water were mezmorizing. Yes? Of course I love it, there’s touches of zentangle, a favourite style of mine.

This little bird was just so cute, and so alive. Angelica Louise had many lovely pieces but this was definitely my favourite! I love how a simple medium such as coloured pencil can create such realistic and masterful pieces.


This painting was huge, I couldn’t help but imagine it over my fireplace. (It is my living room colours afterall…) And then I just kept looking at it and looking at it, there’s just something about it. Yes? It was the only painting Deb Dicker had on display that day since she was also showing her photography work as well. Fabulous.

Maybe it’s the beauty of the mountains or the lure of my roots but these paintings were so perfect. A kind of layered simplicity. I took a couple turns around the room but had to come back and capture them. AJ, your work is awesome and congrats on showing your love of so many different styles. (This guy does tattoos too. ;))

All in all there was a great selection of several different types of work – all from Elgin county. Hope you enjoyed this sample from the crawl as much as I did.  I’m looking forward to next year already. Happy Sunday!  -Suzanne


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