Canadian Collection

After an exciting time at One of a Kind at the end of March – (which was a busy, fun and all around amazing show. !!) I am happy to announce the new Canadian collection for this summer in celebration of the 150. All three pieces have the same styled maple leaf in grey tones offering a more subtle way to show your Canadian spirit even beyond the excitement of July 1st.

My best selling flag pillow – the Canadian, was the inspiration for this collection and using the maple leaf as the statement piece for the bags felt natural. The tote features a sturdy charcoal waxed canvas bottom with a lighter grey top and natural canvas interior. You’ll find two pockets within, sturdy leather handles and a brass zipper to close.  It’s little sister the crossbody is petite and light weight with 10″ across and 9.5″ deep. A single pocket within, brass zipper to close and simple leather crossbody strap to finish.

All posted in the Etsy shop, get yours while supplies last as I have a limited supply. The Art Gallery of Ontario is currently selling both bag styles in their shop after seeing the tote displayed at the One of a Kind Canada competition in Toronto. I’m honoured to be a part of their amazing curation of Canadian makers and brands. They will also be available for purchase in person at the upcoming Craft-fest in Ottawa on Albert Island on June 24 + 25.

Until then, I hope this dreary rainy cold weather will quickly pass and we will be all settled in to another fabulous Canadian summer! I’m ready for some sunshine and flowers.  Can’t wait to enjoy our free parks Canada pass and hopefully many more special events in honour of the 150. It’s a great country we have and one of the most easily recognised flags internationally. Wear it proudly!!   – Suzanne

2 thoughts on “Canadian Collection

  1. Wow, fabulous collection Suzanne!! I want another purse of yours after seeing the new line. I have been enjoying the yellow bag of yours. You use high quality materials!


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