Hi everyone welcome to my site! I’m Suzanne Faris living in St. Thomas, Ontario with my husband Paul and our four little girls.  I love all things handmade and am always knee deep in some project or other (more likely several at the same time ). My background is in the arts where I studied fine art and graphic design and now enjoy designing bags and home decor items. You’ll find an assortment of projects on my blog and stories of my business ventures. My pieces are available for sale in my etsy shop and/or wholesale for your store. I hope you find inspiration and beauty here, please feel free to comment below the blog posts or email me any questions you might have.


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  1. , I am with Tinnitus Association of South Western Ontario and we are having our yearly auction Nov 28- Dec4 online on our fb page. All monies raised go to Western University to Schulich Medicine for Tinnitus Research. We would love to have you involved with our auction this year by donating an item from your business
    This is our 4th year running.
    Last year it was Ontario’s biggest auction.
    We have music artists like Rod Stewart, Blue Rodeo, RUSH, Tim McGraw invoved with us and many businesses just like yours and around London area.
    We will give you great exposure and the following year we highlight our music artists and businesses each week to promote your business all year long
    I do have a formal letter of request and more of what we do.
    Actually one of our Ambassadors will be playing music DeRoK at the MS up coming event that you are at
    You can find us at http://www.tinnitusresearch.ca
    OR our fb page
    Tinnitus Association of South Western Ontario Auction.
    We hope you join us !
    Tinnitus Association of Southwestern Ontario
    Our auction page

    Thank you
    Bethanne Keep

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  2. Hi Susanne, I love what I see on your etsy site and this page, I live in St. Thomas do you sell your products in town or sell only on line?


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